August schedule, run at 7:00 AM

Sat Aug 1 Home Depot on Adams Dairy Parkway (go N to Roanoke, then back south as far as you like)
Sat Aug 8 Summer Sizzler, Little Blue Trace from Saints
Sat Aug 15 Burger King at 291 (Lakewood)
Sat Aug 22 Summer Sizzler, Little Blue Trace from Saints.

Sat Aug 29 Little Blue Trace, from Saints, North to 78 hiway shelter, 13 Miles

Cameron Regional Medical Center 4 mile run July 4, 2015

The Blue Springs Runners team was awarded both the Administrators Cup (largest team) and the Poland-Clark Cup (the team with the combine fastest male and female runners time)

team fast
Debra Wood and Dennis Mayberry the two fastest runners on  team Blue Springs runners with a combine time of 60:07 minutes.  Debra wood also set a new course record for female 60-64 age group 31:35 minutes.

Team Blue Springs Runners
Team Blue Springs Runners.