November – December Schedule, Start at 7:00 AM

Sat Nov 5 Winter Series, Lake Jacomo, admin building on Liggett, just off Woods Chapel.
Sat Nov 12 Longview Lake Trail from the north end (marina)
SUN NOV 13 DUDE, WHERE’S THE TRAIL? 7AM, Lake Jacomo South Marina
Sat Nov 19 Little Blue Trace, from Saints
Thr Nov 24 7 AM turkey day run, Jacomo Lake Vista 5 mile trail from Admin bldg. on Liggett
Sat Nov 26 Winter Series, Lake Jacomo, Admin bldg. on Liggett.

Sat Dec 3 Little Blue Trace from Saints.
Sat Dec 10 Winter Series, Daniel Young School, 4th St. off Moreland School Road.
Sat Dec 17 Little Blue Trace from Saints.
Sat Dec 24 Breakfast run from Terry Hickam’s House 8 AM
Sat Dec 31 Winter Series, Daniel Young School, 4th St. of Moreland School Road.

Long time member Bob Boyd Passed away Thursday October 6, 2016.

Contributed by Terry Hickam

Bob Boyd was raised with the demands of a dairy farm just off Colbern road in eastern Jackson County,
Missouri. His father was strict but nurturing in guiding Bob with his love of music, animals and the
languages. Bob often spoke fondly of his favorite high school teacher, Ms. Bell, an instructor of the
Spanish language that encouraged Bob to seek a college degree in that subject.

After high school Bob enlisted in the military where he was stationed in Germany with the cavalry where
he continued his caring for animals, and horses in particular. While in Germany he was introduced to
the sport of distance running. In fact, the concept of a “Winter Series” was borrowed from that
European experience and Bob transplanted the idea to Blue Springs when he became one of the
founders of the Blue Springs Running Club.

Bob was a mentor to many new runners as they joined the Blue Springs Running Club. His distance
running skills helped so many accomplish their first marathon. Bob would promote running hills on Argo
Road and build stamina by circumnavigating Lake Jacomo. If the novice would show signs of fatigue,
Bob would convey one of his numerous 2-mile stories (notwithstanding fact he had recited the same
story the week prior).

Bob never uttered a disparaging word about any one and no one ever was able to say a bad thing about
that wonderful man. He was loved by all and will be deeply missed after making such a tremendous
contribution to this community.