Breakfast run May 30, 2020

Candy Williams would be honored for you to join her at her place in Grain Valley on Saturday May 30.

Due to Covid-19 precautions, there are limitations to this event.  If you have questions or concerns please respond via the email address provided and we will get back with you by Friday.

Place:  5906 S. Minter Road Grain Valley MO. 64029
Phone:  816-769-5603
Date:  Saturday, May 30, 2020
Time:  8:00 for the run (4-6 miles)
Brunch is after the run

Please RSVP to, Candy needs a head count by Friday evening, May 29 to make plans.

Local Covid-19 guidelines will be in place for this event.

Saturday Runs Will Resume Saturday May 16

We will restart this weekend Saturday May 16 with the scheduled run at Lake Vista trail from South Trailhead Parking Lot, Liggett RD.the following social distancing protocol be used
based on EJC guidance.

1. Acknowledge that is is safest for vulnerable individuals to refrain from attending.
2. If individuals with vulnerabilities want to attend, be informed that the guidance is to “always wear a mask.”
3. Take temperature before attending and refrain if you have any symptoms of any virus or similar infection.
4. If you have been sick or feel that you have recovered from sickness but have recently taken medications for symptomatic relief, refrain from attending.
5. Maintain a 6-feet social distance at all times (side by side/front to back). I would even suggest 10 feet front to back if running.
6. If more than 10 arrive, split into smaller groups and run in different directions if possible.
7. a log will be kept of who ran.