August – September Schedule, run at 7:00 AM

Sat Aug 6 Home Depot on Adams Dairy Parkway (go N to Roanoke, then back South to 40)
Sat Aug 13 Summer Sizzler, Little Blue Trace from Saints
Sat Aug 20 Burger King at 291 (Lakewood)
Sat Aug 27 Last Summer Sizzler 2016, Little Blue Trace from Saints.

Sat Sept 3 Little Blue Trace, from Saints, North to 78 hiway shelter, 13 Miles,
Sat Sep 10 Little Blue Trace, from Saints, to South end, north to football fields, 14 Miles,
Sat Sep 17 Lake Remembrance from Home Depot with 2 trips to Duncan Road, (5 miles).
Sat Sep 24 Burger King off 291 (Lakewood)

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