October – November schedule start at 7:00 AM

Sat Oct 7 Blue Springs Lake, from Liggett Admin bldg. Out on trail, back on Turkey Hollow.
Sat Oct 14 Little Blue Trace from Highway 78 shelter (run North)
Sat Oct 21 Burger King, 291 & Woods Chapel, Lakewood
Sat Oct 28 Little Blue Trace from Highway 78 shelter (run north)
Sun Oct 29 BLUE SPRINGS ULTRAS, 7am, Cancelled

*****THE WINTER SERIES BEGINS   ??????  *****

Sat Nov 4 Longview Lake Trail from the north end (marina) Changed
Sat Nov 11 Winter Series, Lake Jacomo, admin building on Liggett, just off Woods Chapel.Changed
SUN NOV 12 DUDE, WHERE’S THE TRAIL? 7AM, Lake Jacomo South Marina ???
Sat Nov 18 (Living History Race, Iowa).
Sat Nov 18 Little Blue Trace from trailhead near Saint’s
Thr Nov 23 7 AM turkey day run, Jacomo Lake Vista 5 mile trail from Admin bldg. on Liggett S. Starts at 7:00 am
Sat Nov 25 Lake Jacomo, Admin bldg. on Liggett. Changed

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