RRCA Update, April 30 and Run Schedule Update

Plan on resuming run schedule no earlier than Saturday May 16

RRCA Updates for: Running Club Leaders

Greetings from Virginia where the RRCA national office remains in a shelter-in-place order until early June. With that said, we know several states are working towards a return-to-business starting in May.

We offer the following recommendations as restrictions ease:
• Be prepared for a slow phase-in of return-to-activities in your community. Keep in mind state officials may say one thing, while your county or city officials may say something else based on local conditions.
• This is not a like a fire drill where everyone will get an “all-clear,” “return to normal” directive in May. Take your time to work with local officials to understand when you will be allowed to host group runs and produce your race(s).
• You may find that communities will start to allow for small group gatherings of 10-25 people before allowing events over 100 people. This may present an opportunity to implement some small, controlled group runs to test updated sanitation efforts to implement at future events and larger group runs.
• Avoid group selfies on social media for the next month if your reduced restrictions allow for gatherings of 10 or more. It will help maintain/improve the nationwide example of runners being responsible community leaders if we continue to promote physical distancing.
• Plan, plan, plan – utilize the “Looking Forward: Guidelines for Events” for helpful tips. RRCA will issue results from our Runner Attitude survey by next week, which will also be a helpful planning tool. First look of 10K responses, we’ve got some good data. We will continue to share best-practices and planning documents created by members as those resources are finalized in the coming days/weeks.
• Update your waivers if you do virtual runs. For all events and group runs you will host post-pandemic, we recommend addressing Covid-19 and other diseases in your waiver moving forward.

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